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About the Logo

The Watershed Systems logo combines three teaching stones and the moon. The moon influences life on earth through electromagnetic forces while illuminating it with reflected light. Knowledge produced from geospatial technology influences and illuminates in a similar way. The three teaching stones, (black and red argillite, and green jade), represent the dynamic interactions of pan-Pacific cosmology with a fiery earth and living waters. Drawn by Gaire Kahika Tane, the logo is a symbolic model of geospatial intelligence.

About the Icon

The Center for Catchment Ecology icon represents the integration of watershed habitats and ecosystems through landscape ecostructures. Combining South Pacific Ruataniwha dragon mounds (spiritual protectors of watershed mountains, rivers and lakes) with North East Pacific imagery of Kokanee salmon (land-locked salmon living their life cycle entirely in fresh water), the icon is a pan-Pacific model of environmental integrity for watershed catchments. Drawn by Li Kanuka Tane, the icon represents natural and cultural ecosynthesis.